About Us

We are a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, which integrates the production, research and development and sales of high-grade film materials.

The film material can be divided into three major product lines: sputtering target, evaporation material and coating accessories. It is mainly used in optical, optical communication, flat panel display, touch panel, integrated circuit, LED chip, Low-E glass, decorative coating. , tool coating, photovoltaic solar, optical magnetic storage and other fields.
We have a large, professional production base. With the attitude of “innovation, rigor, responsibility and gratitude”, the company combines mature production technology, strict production specifications and sophisticated production equipment. For each product, we will achieve “the process roads are connected and the inspections are interlocked.” The company adopts ISO quality management and OEC management system, and the product has always maintained the spirit of “non-defective product output rate is zero”.
We are not only rooted in the Chinese domestic market, but also actively expand overseas markets. Our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Germany and other countries, and we have established long-term strategic partnerships with world-renowned companies. One of the leading companies with the most advanced technology, the highest level of technology and the most diversified product range.

As always, we will adhere to the tenet of “customer first, reputation first”, continuously strengthen enterprise innovation management, accelerate the implementation of quality and technology innovation and enterprise strategy, take the leading industry’s process level and technology reserve, and improve the quality system for the whole world. Customer service to create a top brand in the film materials industry.